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Drink Driving & Motoring Offence Solicitor in Bolton, Manchester & the UK

Have you been charged with a Road Traffic Offence?

• Speeding
• Driving without due care and attention
• Dangerous Driving
• Drink Driving Offences
• No Insurance or No Driving Licence
• Failure to Furnish Details

Are You at Risk of Losing Your Licence and/or Your Job?

AUUA Law Solicitors possess considerable expertise in dealing with all types of Road Traffic Offences. The service is privately funded.

A specialist service is provided for Private and Public Hire Drivers. We know how important it is to safeguard and protect your livelihoods. It is all too often that decisions of the court can render drivers homeless in extreme cases when they are unable to pay mortgage payments following a suspension and/or disqualification from driving.

Exceptional Hardship & Special Reasons Argument

There will be instances where you will not be able to avoid being automatically disqualified for a period of up to six months under what are known as the Totting Up Provisions.

However, in such cases it is sometimes possible to argue that the disqualification would cause the driver exceptional hardship.

There is no definitive guide as to what would constitute “exceptional hardship” and it is the individual circumstances of the driver that will determine the outcome of the case.

The types of circumstances that would be considered include the personal circumstances of the driver as well as the impact that the disqualification would have on the drivers employment, their family and other people who may be dependent on them.

We will deal with all court hearings that are conducted at the Magistrates Court as well as those held before the Local Licensing Committees and offer a professional, efficient and effective legal service. Your case will ALWAYS be dealt with by a qualified Solicitor or Barrister.

If you are involved with ANY type of driving offence and require advice and assistance please call AUUA Law Solicitors - Driving Offences Department on 01204 396600